2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission

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An exhibit is a document or other item introduced as evidence during the Commission's hearings.

You can search for exhibits using any one of the free text search boxes below by entering the exhibit number, the date the exhibit was tendered, witness name, title of document or the document ID number.

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This page will generally be updated with new exhibits following each hearing day.

Please note that:

  • not every item referenced in transcripts is tendered as an exhibit -- some exhibits are subject to suppression or exclusion orders (suppression orders can be found at the Hearing Schedule and Transcripts page)  
  • witness statements may not include oral changes made by the witness when giving evidence -- for details of any such changes, refer to the relevant transcript which can be found at the Hearing Schedule and Transcripts page
  • some exhibits or parts of exhibits may not be available due to size, format or content
  • the publishing of some information may be delayed due to the need to remove (redact) personal information to protect individual's privacy
Exhibits are made public subject to the rights of the copyright owner. No material should be reproduced or otherwise published without the prior consent of the relevant copyright owner.

Number of exhibits found: 979

Exhibit NumberDate TenderedWitness NameDocument TitleDocument ID
000111/05/2009 L Corbett Witness statement of Luke Andrew Corbett dated 8 May 2009 and Annexures 1-3 WIT.010.001.0001
000211/05/2009 L Corbett IMS Data (6th volume of additional material provided with Russell James Rees supplementary statement dated 8 May 2009) WIT.004.002.1459
000311/05/2009 R Rees Index to Exhibit Number 0003 Link to Index
000411/05/2009 R Rees Index to Exhibit Number 0004 Link to Index
000511/05/2009 R Rees Index to Exhibit Number 0005 Link to Index
000611/05/2009 E Waller Index to Exhibit Number 0006 Link to Index
000712/05/2009 Index to Exhibit Number 0007 Link to Index
000812/05/2009 E Waller Projection Plan Murrindindi Fire; 1) Fire prediction map 1800hrs SUMM.035.003.0055
000912/05/2009 Index to Exhibit Number 0009 Link to Index
001012/05/2009 J Odgers Witness Statement of Jesse Monica Odgers WIT.008.001.0001_R

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